Why Choose Dr. Sonya Sneed?

Dr. Sneed is a dedicated and motivating woman. Student success is her number one focus and she truly puts her student’s best interest at heart.  I was a former student of Dr. Sneed‘s and I loved every minute of it! She was the perfect professor to have my freshman year of college and pushed me to be the best student that I am today. I left her class with many useful life skills, study skills, and communication skills. I have been successful in college because of Dr. Sneed and I can’t thank her enough.

Autumn Cloud

…demonstrated excellent leadership, communication and collaboration skills through her daily interaction with students, faculty, the College administration as well as the community.

Cheryl Johnson

Timely completion with the maximum efficiency is her motto of work. A knowledge thirsty person, she is always ready to learn and know more about things and is always up to achieving complete mastery over her work.

Donald Higginbottom

Ms. Sneed evidences intellectual energy and integrity in her personal and professional life. Her demonstrated ability to work with students, professional colleagues and her ability to develop, defend and articulate a position have provided her with unique skills and experiences important in the academic arena.

William W. Harmon, PhD

I have witnessed her tenacious strength and ability to bring people together and help others develop the very best they have to contribute to a project. Additionally, I have experienced and immensely enjoyed seeing her create and develop a diverse college campus…

Cherry Steinwender
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